Welcome to BickerstaffDobermans.com and Thank You for visiting our website. Here at Bickerstaff Dobermans we do more than breed Top Quality AKC Dobermans, we provide our clients with an opportunity to bring home one of the most beautiful yet versatile breed of dogs available. The Doberman Pinschers we breed at Bickerstaff Dobermans stem from European Champion Bloodlines insuring that they are superior specimens possessing heavy bone structure, thick muscle mass, exceptional power, and extreme intelligence. These qualities enable this breed to be VERY TRAINABLE excellent guard dogs and devoted family pets.

If you’re looking for a superior pet you’ve come to the right place. We have various puppy packages to choose from as well as World Renowned Training Courses with life time guarantees! These courses have been used by celebrities such as Bet Middler, Eddie Murphy and even former President Bill Clinton! You can rest assured that all services provided by OR affiliated with Bickerstaff Dobermans will be second to none.

To remain fair, Bickerstaff Dobermans will except all reservations for new pups on a first come first served basis so make your reservation today! Thanks again for visiting Bickerstaff Dobermans, we look forward to meeting you.

If I could have ten of ‘em, I would! Bickerstaff is the breeder of my two Dobermans, easily two of the best two Dobies I have seen anywhere since I got the first one more than six years ago. If I could have ten of ‘em, I would! I’ve got a two-year old female blue Giant, and a six-year old female black and tan. They are both highly intelligent, have excellent temperaments, and have silky-soft coats and show-quality markings. They are both invariably “noticed” when at the park or on walks. They are fantastic guard dogs, but also very friendly and gregarious both around people – including children, and other dogs – including little dogs. I will only have Dobermans for the rest of my life, and hopefully they will all come from Bickerstaff. To anyone who asks, I always send them to Bickerstaff.

– Lesli Arbuthnot