World Renowned Training

Experts agree that the only way to produce lasting results from obedience training is through love, praise and positive reinforcement. Bickerstaff kennels achieves this via a World Renowned Puppy And Dog Trainer, producing lasting results your Doberman will flourish from. As all dog lovers know, a dogs main intention is to please its owner. Dobermans live for it! So When your doberman has been through our training services via a World Renowned Puppy And Dog trainer it relieves the tension commonly associated with most “home training”. This only leaves room for a mutually respecting relationship between a man and his best friend. Obviously the sooner you start the better it is but it’s never too late for your doberman to be properly trained.

Training Packages

We have three training packages to choose from. The first package is Puppy Pre-School and that comes with our Ready-to Go Puppy Package. Please use the link provided to view the puppy package. The remaining training packages are outlined below.

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